About us

About Us

What is a Primary Care Network?

A primary care network is a group of practices who work together to focus on local patient care. They’ve been around since 2019 and 99 per cent of practices across England now work as part of one.

With increased demand and a shortage of clinical staff, practices find they can provide greater, more personalised care for patients when they can work together on certain services or issues.

Take a look at this short animation from NHS England which explains how they work.

Take a look at this short animation from NHS England which explains how they work.

Meet Our Team

Dr Emma Rowley-Conwy
Clinical Director

Judith Centeno
Social Prescribing Link Worker

Practice: Streatham Common Group Practice; The Exchange Surgery

Other languages spoken: English, Spanish and Catalan

I was born in Nicaragua, coming from a tropical country I have experienced different natural disasters and I remember the war when I was child.

I have studied a degree in business back home, but my first job was in an NGO that stands for children in social exclusion, was there when I realised that I didn’t want to work in my career. I was working as accountant.

Therefore I decided to change the course of my career, when I moved to Spain I studied a post degree in humanitarian aid, also done some voluntary work with women who were disadvantaged and vulnerable.

In the UK, I have worked for many years in the care industry but I felt that something was missing until I heard of social prescribing. This is a great opportunity to through my job improve the living conditions of many people, having the right information, the right resources and good connections and relationships in the community.

In my role as social prescriber link worker I have different situations, you can meet people with different backgrounds, age, ethnicity, religion. I find that very enriching and challenging, can feel like a personal assistant for every single case as you need to focus in every detail.

Hoping to be of help for the patients and learn from them too.

Ineta Servaite
Social Prescribing Link Worker

Practice: Palace Road Surgery

Other languages spoken: English, Lithuanian, French and Russian

As a Social Prescriber my goal is to encourage patients to take leading role in their lives. Support everyone to gain skills and be in control of things that they can be in control. I am a true believer that as much as everyday hardships can make real negative impact on mental and physical health, not every day is a bad day and we all have potential to be in better place. I believe that time we give to nurture our body, soul, mind and intelligence on good days will make a huge impact when the days are not so good, so nothing is lost…

Clifford Garraway
Social Prescribing Link Worker

Practice: Streatham Hill Group Practice; Valley Road Surgery; Streatham Common Practice

Gender: Male

Other languages spoken: English

Following a lengthy career supporting a variety of vulnerable people living in residential care and supported housing, and as an advocate for disabled people, I sought and found a different challenge that would aim towards improving the human condition, and towards overcoming numerous social and financial barriers that may affect the health and wellbeing of local people from all walks of life.

I came on board with Streatham PCN as a Social Prescribing Link Worker, and I have to admit that my role at times makes me feel a bit like Santa Claus, whenever I ask my patients fundamental questions such as… “What do you want the most in your life?” and “What are the things that mean the most to you?”

This approach feels organic and natural to me, after having previously trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

I feel that my patients are like onions… sometimes they may make me cry, and sometimes, I believe they may also have many hidden and complex layers to them.

In my SPLW role, I relish the opportunity to peel away those layers, in order to get to the heart of my patients’ issues, within the time that I am allotted to spend with them.

I actively seek to find practical solutions and offer real alternatives to my patients, and will refer them to local organisations or services when necessary, in the hope that they that may offer further appropriate help and support to my patients.

I am currently based at Streatham Hill Group Practice, Prentis Medical Centre and Valley Road Surgery, and continue to accept GP and other health professional referrals.

Fiona McLees
Social Prescribing Link Worker

Practice: The Vale Surgery

Hi, I’m Fiona and new in post as a Social Prescriber with the PCN since July.

Selina Pearce
Care Co-ordinator

Practice: Valley Road Surgery

Joanna Studzinska
Care Co-ordinator

Latha Logeswaren
Care Co-ordinator

Practice: The Vale Surgery

Other languages spoken: English and Tamil

I work with the Streatham PCN and a Streatham GP Practice as a Care Coordinator/Practice Administrator.

I enjoy all aspects of my position and I always take pride in my work.

My position involves helping the patients; in particular with their language difficulties.

I am often called by my team members to offer translation services for the South Asian patient population.

I work closely with the patients in order to assist them with their social and medical needs.

I help with application forms involving the Council and I follow up with routine and urgent long-term condition appointments with the clinical team.

My role is a responsible position which involves care planning and coordinating.

I feel my role is diverse and it directly helps the patients, which I find very rewarding.

My team are very supportive and we work well together with a common goal to help and assist the patients.

Nadia Rodrigues
Care Co-ordinator

Practice: Valley Road Surgery

English, Portuguese and Spanish

Anushia Seevaratnam
Care Co-ordinator

Practice: Palace Road Surgery

Other languages spoken: English and can understand Tamil

I am an Operations Manager/PCN Care Coordinator for two GP practices based in the SW Lambeth (Streatham PCN). I enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating, and training successful, productive teams.

I enjoy helping and supporting our patients and always try to offer a friendly, approachable, caring and helpful service. I support the patients with council housing/immigration/education/benefit support letters, help with form filling, care planning, appointment recalls and clinical follow up.

We as a team always endeavour to go the extra mile for our patients; and try to offer the best possible care that we can provide within our practice parameters. 

My role involves an element of triaging and navigating our patients to the relevant local services.

I am well supported by the practices I work with, and I find my role to be very fulfilling and rewarding. 

Charlene Ebanks
Care Co-ordinator

Practice: Streatham Common Group Practice

Chiara Agola
Health and Wellbeing Coach

Other languages spoken: English, Italian and Spanish

Psychology background and currently training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. I have worked in mental health across different settings and populations, cultivating and deepening my interest and understanding of human behaviour and body-mind connection.

As a Health and Wellbeing Coach I have the privilege to work with a wide range of individuals and accompany them on their unique journeys towards empowerment and self-awareness. Coaching enables people to be held in a safe space and set priorities and goals at their own pace.

Meeta Hans
Health and Wellbeing Coach

Other languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu

Meeta Hans is a multi-skilled practitioner with experience in the health, education, local authority and community sectors. A Master’s and a Pre doctorate degree in community development, gave her the core skills of working with people and strong belief in people’s potential and desire to better their own lives and that of their communities. With a keen interest in health promotion and health behaviour she is a lifelong student in the multiple facets of human wellbeing and change, over three decades. Her skill lies in looking at clients as integrated beings,  besides coaching, mentoring, counselling and facilitating.

“I find my role as a health coach very satisfying as it gives me opportunities to use my skills, knowledge, work and life experiences to generate conversations that yield better self-awareness and self-understanding in clients which helps them work on what matters to them and take charge of their health. To see them make changes in perspectives, behaviour and grow in confidence is my biggest reward.”

Magda Jukic

Practice: Streatham Hill Group Practice

I qualified as pharmacist in 2014 from Medical University of Lublin in Poland. My background is community pharmacy. Apart from medication reviews I deal with management of hypertension.

In my spare time I like to paint.

Hana Bader

Practice: Streatham Common Group Practice

Aparna Yogu

Practice: Palace Road Surgery

Agnes Tackieklutse

Practice: The Vale Surgery

Mery Ayele

Practice: Streatham Common Group Practice

Francesca Brenca

Practice: Valley Road Surgery

Sophia Dowlett-Ramputh

Practice: The Exchange Surgery

The PCN has 2 x FTE first contact physiotherapists provided by GSTT. They are based at each of our 6 practices on different days.

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